Race Day (Part 2): The Morning Of…

Race Day

It’s January 18, 2015.  The morning of the Carlsbad Tri-City Half Marathon. The day I find out where my finishing time will be located on the inverse variation graph representing 13.1 = rt.

Featured image

I’m ready.  My ipod is charged.  I’m wearing my favorite running gear, my mid race Larabar is packed and Uptown Funk is playing on my ipod.

 I’m looking at:

Featured image

and I’m picturing this:

Featured image

Analyzing the Graph

Do you see the blue dot? It’s animated!!  It actually moves to show all my possible times. Knowing my running speed, I predict that I’ll finish in between Marge’s and Jennifer B’s time.  Check out Jennifer’s blog runningwiththegirls.com

Since I didn’t know how to create the animation, I contacted my colleague, J.J. Martinez for assistance.  Using the Desmos Graphing Program, he wrote a list of commands to instruct the blue dot to trace the graph in between Marge’s and Jennifer’s time.  To view this very cool animated feature and check out his list of “top secret” commands, click here: Animated Graph Link

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Live Streaming

To watch the live streaming of Carlsbad’s Tri- City Half Marathon, click here:  http://viasatliveevents.com/


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Instructional Technology Coach. Desmos Fellow. Google Level 1 Certified. SoCal transplant. New Englander at heart. Lover of yoga, dogs, green smoothies and coffee creamer
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