Yule Blog Challenge – Day 5

Reflection on last semester… 

What will I start…  

I work as a middle level math coach.  One of my schools has a peer tutoring program. Each day, the peer tutors convene by my office each day to check in with their advisor before heading to the local elementary school. I’m not sure what they do once at the elementary school, but it finally dawned on me to ask.

Being a math coach, I’m always looking for ways to positively promote math.  This Peer Tutoring program could possibly be one of those ways. Once break concludes, I’ll learn about the program’s structure and then find a way to integrate a math component. 🙂

What will I stop …

I will stop leaving my belongings in various classrooms. I work in 2 schools and I have an office in both.  BUT… I spend more time in classrooms than my office.  I’m constantly leaving behind my keys, phone, water bottle, cardigans and scarves. I’ve lost 1 set of keys, 4 water bottles and at least one scarf in the past 3 semesters. UGH!

What will I continue …

I will continue my “Math Ops” mission by bringing a sense of fun and engagement to math classes through thoughtfully planned activities. Over break, I have 2 projects to complete. One being to finish the other powerpoints in the Tap Tap Trigonometry series.  The other is to finish a Desmos Activity Builder on Inequalities.

My current favorite medium to create is Desmos.  Their activity builder feature is an amazing tool.  This feature allows teacher to introduce a topic through mystery and exploration.  The right amount of mystery hooks students and the exploration engages them. Exploration paired with focus discussion leads to a deeper understanding of the given topic.

My Desmos Activities


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Instructional Technology Coach. Desmos Fellow. Google Level 1 Certified. SoCal transplant. New Englander at heart. Lover of yoga, dogs, green smoothies and coffee creamer
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