Yule Blog Challenge – Day 8

1 Thing I Want to Improve Next Semester

In August, Chris Shore from The Math Projects Journal, spent 2 days training 8th – 10th grade teachers from my district.  Dual targets was a focus within the training.  A dual target is comprised of 2 parts:  A content goal and a Standard of Mathematical Practice (SMP) goal.

For decades I’ve written content area goals. The process is second nature. With the shift to common core came the 8 Standards of Mathematical Practices. I’ve spent the past 18 months learning about them, identifying them within lessons and activities and more recently highlighting their usage with teachers and students.

The latter being the area I want to improve on. I’m inconsistent when discussing the 8 SMPs with teachers and most students are not aware of them.  For the rest of this year, I challenge myself to write a dual target for each lesson/activity I teach and/or co-teach.

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 3.42.11 PM

The 8 Standards of Mathematical Practices



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