Google Slides: Disguise a Turkey


During our last Google Cohort Meeting, my colleague, Nicole, shared Eric Curts‘ Google Slides activity, Build a Jack-O-Lantern with our elementary cohort teachers.  Students and teachers loved it.

The computer skills focused within the activity are:

  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Creating custom shapes with the polyline feature
  • Inserting shapes
  • Changing the fill color

I had the opportunity to co-teach the activity in a couple of first and second grade classes.  A few students nearly jumped out of their seats when they pressed control – v and saw the copied feature pop onto their screen.  Pure joy!!

Our Turn

After the success of the Jack-O-Lantern task, we searched for similar activity focusing Title slice for the Disguise a Turkey activityon Thanksgiving.  Our first move: check Eric Curts’ blog, Control Alt Achieve.  Eric has a great Build a Snowman Google slides activity, but at the time we didn’t find any Thanksgiving related posts. 😦   Second move:  Create our own!

The Disguise a Turkey task was a joy to make – A collective effort resulting in a lot of laughter.  Since the premise is to create a disguise for the turkey,  we provided various outfits and costumes. To use a costume, students will need to know how to move an object forward.  A gif showing the keyboard combinations is included in the slide deck.

    Three turkey heads waiting for their costumes.      A picture of a panda, pig, goat, dog and ghost costumes for the Disguise a Turkey activity.

We continued the model Eric established by including a writing piece.

Slide showing the writing prompt: Write about your trio of turkeys.

In the time we created Disguise a Turkey, Eric posted 2 Thanksgiving tasks.   Build a Turkey created by Beth Kingsley (@bethkingsley13) and another Disguise a Turkey created by Kelley Costa (@costasecond).  You can find them here.


Jorge, Caleb, Nicole and I hope you and your students enjoy this activity has much as we enjoyed creating it.

A picture of the Redlands Unified Instructional Tech Team

The Team:  Me, Caleb, Jorge and Nicole

Happy Thanksgiving!


Images used were either free downloads or labeled for reuse.  Many from Clip Art Library and Pixabay.


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