Google Slides – Camera Feature

The Email

This past week, I received the best email.  Michelle, a 7th grade math teacher and District Google Cohort member, shared with me her Google slide presentation on solving equations.  I immediately solved the first problem, snapped a picture of my work using the Google’s camera feature (formally known as “Take a snapshot”), and inserted the picture into the presentation.

Since learning of the camera feature, I’ve been waiting for this moment. The opportune time to connect a tech feature with a teacher’s lesson.   It’s one thing to promote  technology during a district training, it’s another to introduce a tech feature when it seamlessly integrates into a planned lesson.

I followed the above screenshot, with a brief set of instructions and a screenshot of where to find the camera feature.



The Lesson

I was able to stop by Michelle’s room the day of the lesson.  The classroom energy was positive.  A buzz of excitement fulled the room.  Students were solving problem after problem, taking snapshots of their work and inserting them into the slide presentation.

It was a minimum day which means shorter class periods.  When Michelle asked students to start cleaning up, students groaned.  When she assured her students that they’d continue the activity tomorrow, they cheered!!

Students solving equations on white boards,

Students solving equations on a white board, and then taking a picture of their work to insert into the slide presentation. Bottom left: Michelle and I. I’m on the right.


Added Bonus – Mini Student Presentations


Michelle assigned this activity through Google Classroom.  When in Google classroom, a teacher can open and view students’ assignments, in this case their slide presentations.  Within a few clicks, Michelle has access to all the inserted pictures displaying student work.  She can check progress, prepare for a class discussion or select a few students to discuss their strategies.


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