St. Patrick’s Day & Google Sheets


My instructional tech team and I always receive grateful comments from our elementary teachers we share seasonal activities.  Most of the activities we shared were using Google slides.  I wanted to challenge myself and create a seasonal activity on Google sheets.  Here are the fruits of my labor.  🙂

The Activities

I created 3 different versions of a St. Patrick’s Day Google Sheet activity.  Students have to answer age appropriate math questions. Two actions occur when a correct answer is inputted.  First, an image begins to emerge in the blank rectangle.  Second,  the answer cell fills in with a light purple color.  A wrong answer, as shown below, is left white.

Below is the picture for grade 1. The picture is different for each version.



Here are the links to force your own copy:

  • Kinder:  Click here
  • Grade 1 & 2:  Click here
  • Grades 3 – 5: Click here



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Instructional Technology Coach. Desmos Fellow. Google Level 1 Certified. SoCal transplant. New Englander at heart. Lover of yoga, dogs, green smoothies and coffee creamer
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4 Responses to St. Patrick’s Day & Google Sheets

  1. Jennifer says:

    Could you share a template for how you made this? I really want to adapt it to my science content!


    • jgvadnais says:

      I don’t have a template. A new design and answers will alter the formatting. Here’s the general flow. 1) Create picture. 2) create problems. 3) Use the function: =value(), to map an answer to a specific color in the picture, 4) Use conditional formatting show a color when an answer is inputted.

      I’m here if you have more questions. I’d also love to see how you adapted this format for science.


  2. laurel cutting says:

    Excellent resource. Thank you!


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