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Desmos & Writing a line in Slope-Intercept Form

One of my teachers asked me to incorporate a different perspective on writing a line in slope-intercept form when given two points.  As I drafted notes, I thought, “Why not write the steps in my blog”.  I’ll have a hard … Continue reading

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St. Patrick’s Day – Desmos Style

Growing up in an Irish family outside of Boston, St. Patrick’s day was a special holiday – especially since my dad and his siblings are first generation Irish Americans.  One of our traditions … skipping school on March 17th and spending it together … Continue reading


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Race Day (Part 3): The Results: Involving Inverse & Direct Variation Graphs

Here it is, the 3rd and final installment of Race Day.  Training is over.  The race has come and gone.  Celebrations have ended.  All that’s left is the analysis….         Before:  13.1 = xy         … Continue reading

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Race Day (Part 2): The Morning Of…

Race Day It’s January 18, 2015.  The morning of the Carlsbad Tri-City Half Marathon. The day I find out where my finishing time will be located on the inverse variation graph representing 13.1 = rt. I’m ready.  My ipod is charged. … Continue reading

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Race Day (Part 1): -Oh, The Possibilities!

I’m sure you know someone who’s entered a race whether it be, running, cycling, swimming, skating or skiing. A friend. Family member. A student. Yourself! Maybe you watch NASCAR, walk with a friend or commute to work?  If so, Then … Continue reading

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