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Desmos Marbleslides: 10 Frame Addition

Inspiration Many many months ago, I saw an intriguing tweet. Kristin, @mathminds, had made a Desmos AB focused on 10 Frames and was inquiring about the possibility of an interactive one. Challenge excepted.  I viewed her inquiry as a chance to … Continue reading

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Flashcards for Faridabad

My Inspiration My niece Kyra, who graduated from college in December, made plans to travel before settling down with a job.  She posted her traveling adventures on social media.  My heart skipped a beat when I saw the picture to … Continue reading

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Desmos Polygraph: Geometry Basics

Today, I had the pleasure of introducing Desmos Polygraph: Geometric Basics to a group of 4th grade students.  It was my first time teaching in an elementary classroom and I enjoyed every minute. Starting To avoid answering the same question 100 times, … Continue reading

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Desmos: Gr 6 Inequalities

I recently co-taught Andrew Stadel’s 6th grade Desmos Activity Builder on Iequalities with Monica, Joe and Allison. This post is a summary of what happened in the different classes.     The AB was facilitated using the Desmos Classroom Conversation Toolset.  In general, I … Continue reading

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Teacher Moves – Soft Skills

 A long term substitute, who’s currently in a credentialing program, recently made this observation. 8 “In my program, I’m shown all these activities and my professors assume students want to participate.  They (professors) don’t tell us what to do when … Continue reading

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A No Fail New Year’s Resolution

My To Do list often looks like this: Laundry Clean closets Finish garden project Fix clogged sink Breathe At the end of the day, if I didn’t tend to the laundry, closets, garden or sink, I can still cross off, … Continue reading

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Desmos: Percent Challenges

Inspiration These days, I’ve been a bit obsessed with the double number line.  I love using it to teach proportional reasoning – especially percents.  Why? A double number line… Allows for flexible thinking. Expands on a single idea to present a bigger … Continue reading

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Desmos: Ordering Fractions on a Number Line

A couple of months ago, my team and I ran a Desmos workshop for elementary teachers.   Two activities were highlighted.  The first was an individually paced challenge AB (activity builder).  The second activity shared can be run as a … Continue reading

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3-Act : Dried Mango

Percent of change falls within the 7th grade standard domain of Ratios  & Proportional Reasoning. Knowing that students often struggle with this topic, I wanted to create a 3-act to aid in their understanding. I initially wanted to show the … Continue reading

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#ObserveMe: A Professional Development Opportunity

With 2 weeks of wonderful experiences to share, I sat down at my computer ready to blog.  However, my mind kept jumping from story to story. I was unable to pick one experience to highlight.  I decided, instead, to discuss the … Continue reading

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