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Designing & Implementing a 3-Act Lesson: The Drumstick Dash

If we want innovative students, we need to be innovative leaders and educators.                                                       … Continue reading

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Desmos: An Introduction to Irrational Numbers

Recently, I co-taught a lesson with a colleague where students  investigated square roots.  The lesson revolved around the following  Desmos Activity Builder task. Afterwards, I blogged about the experience and sent the post to my teachers.  Peytra, a six grade … Continue reading

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Desmos & Writing a line in Slope-Intercept Form

One of my teachers asked me to incorporate a different perspective on writing a line in slope-intercept form when given two points.  As I drafted notes, I thought, “Why not write the steps in my blog”.  I’ll have a hard … Continue reading

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Barbie Bungee – A Guide

It all started at Twitter Math Camp ’15 (#TMC15), when my colleague, J.J. Martinez, participated in the Barbie Bungee workshop presented by Fawn Nguyen and Matt Vaudrey. The math modeling activity became his  #1TMCthing. To satisfy the #1TMCthing challenge, J.J. had to … Continue reading

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Teaching Tips from a Toddler

A mom, grandmother and 2 toddlers walk into a Barber Shop …. The Barber Shop was jamming. Guys, young and old, patiently waited for their Thanksgiving Day haircut.  Simon, a curious 3 year old, had to wait his turn.  To pass the … Continue reading

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I Never Enter a Classroom Without ‘Em…

Prior to becoming a coach, I was a math teacher for 21 years and have taught roughly 2000 students.  In my first year of coaching, I worked with 17 teachers and came in contact with approximately 1500 students.  This post … Continue reading

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Desmos Activity Builder – Intro to Unit Rate

 In August of 2015, Desmos launched it’s newest feature, Activity Builder. Activity Builder gives teachers the freedom to create their own computer based activity to focus on a concept of choice. It’s a great formative assessment tool. From their computer, Teacher’s … Continue reading

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Dance Dance Transversal – A Guide

Although the original idea comes from Algebrainiac, my colleague, J.J. Martinez, first heard about Dance Dance Transversal when participating in a middle school math chat (#msmathchat) on Twitter.  Dance Dance Transversal connects the game Dance Dance Revolution with the concept of 2 … Continue reading

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20%Time, Genius Hour and Virtual Communities.

In 2013, I came across an interesting link on my Twitter feed.  The link led to a list of must read books related to education – one of which was Daniel Pink’s, Drive.  I ended up reading the book during … Continue reading

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Celebrating the Ultimate Pi Day

Pi =3.14159265359… Pi Day: March 14th (3/14) The Ultimate Pi Day:  3/14/15 (A once in a lifetime event) The Ultimate Pi Moment is:  March 14, 2015 at 9:26:53 Countdown to The Ultimate Pi Moment ************************************************************************************ For years, I’ve entertained the … Continue reading

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