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Desmos: Percent Models

Inspiration For the past 3 years, my district has offered a back to school PD summit.  Various people from inside and outside the district present. Since I’m Instructional Tech TOA, I presented. My sessions focused on Desmos and BreakoutEDU*.  The … Continue reading


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Desmos: Percent Challenges

Inspiration These days, I’ve been a bit obsessed with the double number line.  I love using it to teach proportional reasoning – especially percents.  Why? A double number line… Allows for flexible thinking. Expands on a single idea to present a bigger … Continue reading

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3-Act : Dried Mango

Percent of change falls within the 7th grade standard domain of Ratios  & Proportional Reasoning. Knowing that students often struggle with this topic, I wanted to create a 3-act to aid in their understanding. I initially wanted to show the … Continue reading

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Percents and Proportions and Desmos – Oh My!

The other day a teacher asked me to create a lesson that had elements of a Number Talk involving percents.  Her students had recently been discussing proportional reasoning and the constant of proportionality. Knowing this, I decided to combine percents and … Continue reading

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